Swedish ex-model, spiritual world explorer and creative consultant sharing inspiring perspectives and informed ideas with those who welcome a more graceful way of Being in this world.


Having studied, lived and worked on the world’s five continents has given me a comprehensive understanding of the world. Presently exploring new ways of living, being and creating in this world.


  • CREATIVE CONSULTANCY to put NEW LIFE into your new or existing projects

  • RE-BRANDING of your personal or business brand to better express who you are and have become

  • PROFESSIONAL TRANSLATION, EDITING, DESIGN & COPYWRITING for your website, articles, manuals, business proposals, blog, social media, etc


  • BUSINESS STRATEGIST: Founding a Swedish publishing house in personal and spiritual growth and building it into leader-in-niche, culminating in a successful financial exit.

  • WEB DEVELOPER: Building and maintaing custom websites, blogs, landing pages, link trees, and associated social media profiles, controling the whole process from domain registration and website management to publishing, DNS servers and hosting.

  • DESIGNER: Overseeing all design aspects for multiple brands including brand colors and fonts, graphic design, logotype design, website design and other creative projects.

  • EDITOR & COPYWRITER: Editing, copywriting and translation skills to cover all aspects of producing and publishing books, newsletters, business reports, etc.

  • ANALYTICAL SKILLS: Broad strategic overview and detailed analytic skills from a Bachelor of Science and a Masters degree from a leading European business school

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